What’s the best portable electric scooter for commuting?

best portable electric scooter


The most common reason for wanting a portable electric scooter is for convenience. We want to be able to take our scooter everywhere we go. Simply fold it up if we need to and hop on public transport, pop it in the boot of the car or take it in a taxi.

Another benefit is commuting to work. We don’t need to find a parking space or lock it to a bike rack outdoors. We simply fold it up and take it into the workplace and store it under a desk or a bench in the locker room.

Folding and portable electric scooters are more comfortable to park or store away in small spaces. Although most electric scooters are foldable, some are a lot easier and quicker to fold than others.


E-twow Dimensions when folded: length 38 inches, width 5.7 inches and height 13 inches

Xiaomi Dimensions when folded: length 42.5 inches, width 16.9 inches and height 19.2 inches

best portable electric scooter



The e-twow has a 3 point folding system. It can be done by simply putting pressure on the folding lever located at the front of the platform with your foot and push the handle bar forward to unlock. Then there are 2 buttons on handle bars, once pressed and retracted. The handle bars fold in to the spine and it smoothly drops and locks into the rear fender. To unfold simply press down on the rear fender, lift the spine and it automatically locks into place. Lastly, lift up the handle bars and they also automatically lock into place.


The Xiaomi has a 2 point folding system and requires a lot more effort to fold and unfold. Firstly you need to undo 2 latches that are located above the wheel. So you will need to bend down to unlock the latches. Make sure to keep one hand on the handle bars while doing this or you might get a little bump on the head. Then on the back of the bell there is locking mechanism so you will need to accurately click it into the rear fender. The handle bars on the Xiaomi do not fold in so they stick out. To unfold takes a bit of jigging around on the rear fender to release. Then lift the spine and while holding onto the handle bars. Keep the spine up straight with one hand you need to lock both latches to secure it with you other hand.


Having a lightweight electric scooter is another important portability factor. What’s the point of buying an electric scooter for your commute to work or college. It meets every other requirement but isn’t lightweight enough to carry around when needed? Most folding electric scooters are very lightweight but some more so than others. It is because manufacturers intended these models to be ultra portable. They should be easier to carry around by hand or light enough to be loaded in a car boot.

The e-twow weighs in at 11.1 kg compared to the xiaomi at 14.2kg


The Xiaomi is a bulky beast, there’s no question about it. With a weight of 14.2kg it’s not exactly easy to pick up and carry, and it’s fairly heavy and awkward to fold compared to the e-twow. The e-twow on the other hand is the most ultra portable electric scooter. It’s very slick and compact with a 3 point folding system weighing less that 12kg making them easy to carry around and they take up very little space.

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