E-TWOW Booster V


We give you the most powerful Booster ever built. No more sitting in traffic jams or on public transport. The battery gives you up to 40 km range and a 36 km/h top speed. Full battery charge for the E-TWOW Booster V electric scooter is just 3-4 hours.

The E-TWOW Booster V is exactly the same size and has all the same technical features as the Booster Plus S like KERS (Actually recharges the battery up to 40% while riding), Full colour display, Front and back shock absorbers with solid wheels so there is no working about those pesky punctures that are very common in all air filled electric scooter wheels.

The Booster V is perfect for students or commuters who have that little bit extra to travel every day, Especially if you have hills on your route to college or work, the booster V will make sure you have enough power left to finish your journey and get to your location safely.


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E-TWOW Booster V


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36v | 8.7Ah | Samsung cells


Top Speed