Electric Scooters: Returning To Work After Lockdown Will Be A Nightmare For Public Transport Users In Dublin

electric scooter public transport

Electric scooter/public transport: As COVID-19 cases have come down significantly in Ireland, there are plans underway to slowly reopen businesses over the coming weeks in 5 phases. As the time gets closer for you to return to work, Have you thought about how you are going to commute?

Before investing in my electric scooter which I now use every day to commute to the office stress-free. I regularly used Dublin public transport Dublin Bus and Luas to travel to work.

Thinking back, I remember each evening planning my next morning journey to work so that I had enough time to grab a quick coffee and a nice stroll the rest of the way in.

Dublin Bus

If you use Dublin Bus daily it very rarely goes that way.  You arrive at your bus stop with about 5 minutes before the next bus is due. At this point you’re the only one at the bus stop so everything is going nicely. Then 1 by 1 more and more people start to arrive.

Once there are more than 5 people waiting you can feel the tension in the air. The mood start to change and stress levels rise. Because you now realise it’s gonna be a race to get on.

As the bus approaches, everyone takes their position by the side of the footpath praying silently to themselves that the driver pulls up and the bus door stops right in front of them.

When the bus gets closer there are no signs of it slowing down. The 67 seated passengers plus another 20 standing passengers all smirk as the bus passes you by. Things get even more heated from here on in because then another 10 people arrive.

You will be doing very well to get into work on time now so forget about that coffee and a nice stroll.

Some people will decide to get off the next bus at your stop if you are lucky enough. Then it’s a fight between you and another 10-15 stressed-out commuters for those 3 available places.

Will there be enough room for everyone?

Pre Covid-19 you struggled to get on a bus with 87 available spaces including standing. You are now facing a scrap for just 17 spaces. Dublin Bus has been reduced to under 20% capacity when you take standing spaces into account. If you are not on that bus at the first or second stop of the route then you may forget about getting to work on time unless you take a taxi.

electric scooter public transport

Commuters in Dublin are facing the same struggle and stress by using the Luas tram as the average capacity allowance is down to 15%. A four-carriage Iarnród Éireann train that can generally carry 600 passengers now has its seat availability reduced to 75 because of Covid-19.

If you don’t like cycling or walking long distances. Then an electric scooter could be the answer to your problems. As summer approaches electric scooters are expected to get more popular. Electric scooters have currently demonstrated their value as one of the most affordable ways of travelling around right now.